14252 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Phone: 818-783-0993
Email: kay@sarazin.us

Our Health & Safety Commitment

Guests of SARAZIN,

Most certainly we will be enjoying a visit with you soon. So that you feel safe and comfortable when you return, know that our Cosmetologist License is not for the purpose of designing Hair, its objective is for the sanitation and protection of the Guests of SARAZIN.

SARAZIN has always maintained Industry standards at the highest level. Moving forward we have raised the bar with current standards in place to better insure your health when  you are in our care.

We now have:

  • Medical grade UV light for our tools, while still maintaining the Barbecide required
  • Three UV light phone sanitizers placed around the Salon for you
  • Our disinfectant used to clean surfaces has now been moved up to medical grade
  • We have all been Barbecide COVID-19 Certified
  • We will wear our masks
  • We will be taking no touch temperatures
  • The dressing room has always been maintained regularly throughout the day, that will continue with our upgraded disinfectant as will our work areas

New regulations require that we remove:

  • Magazines
  • Biscotti
  • Hot Tamales (say it isn’t so)
  • Coffee, Tea or Water

We have always greatly enjoyed pampering our clients, so that we may continue to do so even if to a lesser degree:

  • Bring your gloves and I’ll direct you to a Magazine stash
  • For coffee or tea, bring your mug and we’ll provide
  • Water will no longer be served from Waterford, we will fill your container

Although small, we will be monitoring how many Guests are in the Salon, respecting the 6 foot distance regulation.

So please come without your gang. Sometimes this could possibly mean some fresh air for a moment or two.

Remember we are trained and licensed to keep you safe and that is paramount for us.

We await your visit and look forward to tending to your Tresses and all your beauty needs.

God bless you all,

K Sarazin